Do you know a place that could host the travelling exhibition of the “Museum of Capitalism” on a permanent basis? Contact us!

Originally, the “Museum of Capitalism” project, whose main mission is to create spaces for debate and reflection, aimed to be a permanent exhibition in Brussels.

Over the opportunities and many requests that have come to us, the “Museum of Capitalism” has naturally taken the form of a traveling exhibition that has been criss-crossing Belgium since 2014: Namur, Ghent, Brussels, Liège, Mons, Arlon, Louvain- la-Neuve, Mouscron, Gembloux, Rochefort, Verviers, Charleroi, Welkenraedt, Ciney.

Contacts have been made, leads have emerged, but nothing has yet materialized.

We are therefore still looking for a permanent place that can host the “Museum of Capitalism” exhibition.
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The project could more broadly take the form of a multifunctional space which would host the “Museum of Capitalism” exhibition, supplemented by thematic exhibitions which would enrich its content. A place of meeting, exchanges, reflection which favors the emergence of new projects, various initiatives, events, …

Does this project speak to you? Are you thinking of a place in Belgium (or abroad)? Contact us to discuss this project together!