From 2017, a new project was born within the collective: the “Bike Beats” ! Born as part of our presence at the Espéranzah festival, the “Bike Beats” are 4-day bike tours with young people from Youth Centers.

The goal ?  

Just like the 4 rooms of the Nomad Museum, the purpose of this bike ride is to meet the actors of our society, by discussing with them the origins, the hopes, the limits and/or the alternatives of/to capitalism.

Concretely : 

Bike Beats, is :

4 days of cycling at the end of July

– a friendly atmosphere to discover our society!

– a route close to the Youth Center partner so that bikers can connect their known environment to broader societal issues

– Discover and appropriate new media (photo, video, podcast,…) toretransmit the moments shared with the different people you meet

make a short film, a radio show,… taking up our journey in order to be able to share our adventures

take part in the Espéranzah! festival to present our film and our week in general

repeat the experience the following year to (re)-question our society and find solutions to our problems of today and tomorrow… so that in the long term, young people who accompany us this year can become the animators of tomorrow and perhaps change the dynamic of Bike Beats. A single imperative to keep: the bike, the meetings, the friendly atmosphere and the discovery of the world!

Are you tempted by the project and do you want to propose your Youth Center or your association?
Contact us!


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