Thematic Evening “Capitalism & (De)Colonisation

Colonization is a piece of the puzzle that cannot be missingin the origins and development of the capitalist system. This is why we have dealt with the question of the link between capitalism and colonization, with a view(s) of the past, the present and the future. 

As an introduction, Romain Landmeters (FNRS/Université Saint-Louis) dealt with the theme “Colonial Economy and Society in the Congo (1885-1960): Capital Historical Elements” to give a look at the past.

Then, for the look at the present and the future, Patrick Malemba and Larisa Stanciu of the Commission Justice et Paix addressed the issue of extractivism and tracks for mobilization with the question “Capitalism and Natural Resources: Can We Decolonize the World of Consumerism?”.

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First Part

Second Part