The world already knows 3 Museums of Capitalism

Although the three museums were created independently of each other, many parallels can be drawn between the different museums.

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Musée du Capitalisme :

The first museum of Capitalism in the world, the Museum of Capitalism opened its doors in Namur in 2014.

Imagined in a first French version, its content was then translated into Dutch when it moved to Saint-Gilles (Brussels) in 2015.

Since then, the nomadic exhibition has already been hosted in more than 20 places, notably in Mons, Anderlecht (Brussels), Liège, Arlon, Beauraing, Malmédy, Verviers, Charleroi,… Find here the next steps of the Museum.



Museum des Kapitalismus:

The Museum Des Kapitalismus is a traveling exhibition in German and English.

This exhibition opened its doors for the first time in Berlin in 2014 and then toured Germany and Poland.

In February 2018, a permanent version of the Museum Des Kapitalismus was created.


Museum of Capitalism :

The Museum of Capitalism projects us into a (distant) future where capitalism is a system described in the history books. crit dans les livres d’histoire.

On entering this futuristic museum, relics of capitalism are presented.

Their first opening was in Oakland (California) in 2017.